Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome Swimmers!  

My name is Matthew Reedy and I am the Swim Lesson Director for Gold Swim School in Woodstock, GA.  I have decided to start a blog so I can better communicate with my swimmers and swim parents!  I will use this space to answer FAQ’s, share my feelings on certain subjects, and post articles relevant to swim lessons.  So hopefully you all will check it regularly and it will serve as some benefit to you!  Of course, I guess that all depends on me remembering to post regularly!  Anyway, I hope you decide to follow the blog and enjoy its contents.

Check back soon for updates!  Oh just a heads up...I sometimes will keep things pretty light and I rarely ever proofread, so please excuse any grammatical errors (hopefully none of you are English Professors)!  


Matt (the stunningly handsome guy to the left)

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